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New DHL trend report examines future of packaging


Rethinking Packaging: DHL trend report discovers how e-commerce era drives wave of sustainability and efficiency

New trends in e-commerce and logistics have major impact on packaging and logistics in a more complex manner day by day. The recent boost in ecommerce business has introduced many new challenges into the field of packaging and logistics. Every step in the value chain is vital and one of the most crucial, but often under-recognised, step is packaging. Packaging is not only ensures smooth travel from the final distribution hub to the consumer’s doorstep but also plays an irreplaceable role at all other stages of the logistics process.

DHL has recently released their new trend report on “Rethinking Packaging” offering a comprehensive look forward, the future of packaging and logistics. A survey conducted by DHL also reflects the packaging will play a crucial role in coming three to five years in booming cross border e-commerce business and logistic networks. The diversified e-commerce products challenge existing packaging and the requirement of easy, recyclable, robust packaging to minimize waste and promote green materials demands for more sustainable logistical process.

This report elaborates how the whole process of packaging has evolved causing implications for the logistics industry, packaging optimization, packaging automation, sustainable packaging material, reusable packaging and Smart packaging.

According to Matthias Heutger, the SVP, Global Head of Innovation & Commercial Development- DHL, this new trend report and their survey reflects how important is packaging to an overall positive customer experience. According to Heutger, “The acceleration of changing needs of companies, consumers, and the wider environment however increase costs and reduce effectiveness. We believe that the adoption of new packaging optimization tools, materials, and handling technologies will significantly boost efficiency and productivity. That in turn, will drive changes in the operation of supply chains and logistics processes.”

In conclusion, Packaging no longer refers to a simple cardboard box; it has become is a new discipline, a complex, coordinated system of ensuring goods can move safely, cheaply and efficiently through the entire supply chain boosting company’s competitive advantage. Simply put, packaging optimization also optimizes overall supply chain costs, leading to a maximized return on investment.



Commentary by Norika Warnasuriya

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