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Consolidation Service under APP Platform is now launched


The APP office is pleased to announce the launch of the APP Consolidation service.,

Bhutan Post, Solomon Post, Thailand Post and Pos Indonesia are the four APP members who will start, with this new service and have soft launched the new, consolidation service branded as “”.

It is a service which will enable postal operators to increase their inbound parcel volume from e-commerce transaction’s by giving their consumers in their countries, increased choices of website to shop with wider selection of products and often better prices, in the USA and other countries.

With the support of Singapore Post, APP have been working on this project since August 2018. After 15 months of hard works, finally the day has come for the final stage of the project.

The hard work will now begin for those members as they look to plan and launch their marketing plans to drive awareness amongst their customers, and start to see customers using the service.

The APP office is already in discussion with other APP members to join the Consolidation service, whilst other APP members who wish to enjoy the same service platform, will be able to join the consolidation service in 2020, when the service will be fully open to all APP members.

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