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Vietnam Launches Online Mapping Service


The service has data on 23.4 million addresses and offers basic features such as location search and directions. VMAP mapping services can also display different map layers for different uses and show addresses as detailed as house numbers, whether it is in a city, or a rural or mountainous area. Vmap will provide rich data and features to benefit enterprises, especially those operating in e-commerce and logistics.

Vietnam Post as one of the contributors of the creation of this digital map, could further create new values for their customers especially e-commerce customers, both sellers and buyers. Vmap provide address, location and direction. How postal operators could use this tools to further create new values for customers? To further creates new values, we need to understand the value chain of traditional parcel delivery and e-commerce driven value chain.

Traditionally, the parcel value chain is as follows:

Some new values could be created to the current traditional parcel value chain by taking the advantage of Vmap.

At collection segment, Vietnam Post could further create a mobile app or internet based app providing “self shipping service” by which customers could pay and print the shipping label. Then, make a pick up order by clicking a certain address and location on the map provided by Vmap.

At delivery segment, Vietnam Post could further developed a “delivery app” integrated to Vmap by which it will enable the postman to take the most efficient route, enable the addressee to put the signature and /or the postman to make a real time delivery status. At the same time, online monitoring and communication to postman could be done as well.

With the same logic, some values could also be created to the e-commerce driven value chain:

Vietnam Post could develop some digital delivery collection stations by which e-commerce buyer could collect their parcel anytime at the most convenient place for them. These delivery collection stations then inserted in Vmap, and make it available at the website of the seller or marketplace. By clicking a certain number of delivery collection station on the digital map, then it will inform postal operator where to deliver the goods.

It is all about value creation through value chain. Being able to create relevant value for customers is the key for business to survive. Digital technology create digital economy, digital economy create new behaviour and customer needs. Business shall stay relevant to customers/market needs from time to time.



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Commentary by Said Haryadi

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