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E-commerce is Thriving Due to 'Retail Entertainment'



Alibaba celebrating the 10th anniversary of their successful “Global Shopping Festival” recorded yet again record sales, reporting $30.8 Billion up 27% on last year’s record numbers.  Lazada, South East Asia leading ecommerce market place recorded 20 million shoppers

But the two retail giants no longer rely on quick one off special offers for them the success is about Entertainment. Building long term relationships with Better improved interactions and Fun. 

Globally there is a lot of focus on user experience or “UX” nowadays. As Joe Tsai, co-founder of the Alibaba Group, aptly put it, “Retail is entertainment”. And some in the internet coin it as “Retail-tainment”, just like the word “info-tainment”.

Retail-tainment is a strong vehicle to create Interest, Desire, Action under the tried and tested, old school Marketing model of AIDA(Awareness-Interest-Desire-Action). While Awareness is attained via established event dates like 11.11, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, consumer’s “Interest-Desire-Action” will depend on marketplace provider’s system and promotion activities.


Image: Lazada Singles Day Super Show

For example, the interest and desire of consumer is created via social interaction, live show and audience engagement. As reported by Lazada, 50 million vouchers were given through popular games, 5 million viewers and 50 thousand fans joined the Lazada 11.11 Super Show in Malaysia and Thailand. Also, Alibaba “See Now, Buy Now” event allows live audience and viewers to buy products they see on the fashion catwalk in real time using their smartphones. To create even more interactivity between brands and participants, viewers were able to vote for their favourite look with a new feature called “Play Now”.

Watch Video on Alibaba "See Now, Buy Now" event

Commentary by Maverick Chung


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