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Australia's Chinese personal shoppers about more than baby formula — it's a $1 billion industry



Ten years ago, a poisoning scare involving Chinese baby formula drove an increase in Chinese demand for safe Australian baby formula. This phenomenon has not stopped. Chinese consumers are hungry for more imported good from western countries.

Specialize shops have sprung up, e.g. AuMake, to facilitate shoppers to buy, pack and send from the store, even providing child-minding, coffee and cakes. Also, Australian small and medium businesses pay to stock their wares in AuMake. New products are marketed to Chinese consumers via a seminar room setup to beam presentations live into China.

Based on Australia Post eCommerce Market Update Report released in March 2018. There is an opportunity value of USD $499.1 Billion spending by Chinese consumer and the hot merchandise are health products and cosmetics.

Commentary by Maverick Chung

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