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World Economic Forum: What Trump, May, Ma and Wenig said at Davos


I am delighted that World Economic Forum has invited not only president of USA and prime minister of UK, but CEO of Alibaba and CEO of eBay. E-commerce has grown so big that E-commerce leaders have a voice in this notable forum. Top of the agenda for ecommerce companies was regulation, protectionism and barriers to free trade on the Internet.

The general view of both Alibaba and eBay CEO is to reduce regulation on trade and protectionism. As Jack Ma put it, “Don’t use trade as a weapon, use trade as a solution to solve problems”

The positive to come out of this event has to be that ecommerce is getting a say in influencing world leaders. At a time when globalization appears to a bad word, the Industry which has done much to bring, choice, value and access to across the globe, now have a chance to leverage their experience and knowledge on a global stage.

Commentary by Maverick Chung


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