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Korea Post’s new letter service in pilot stage


Image Source: Korea Post

SmallTracked Ordinary Letter label imageOn April 3, Korea Post announced that it newly launched a letter service, Tracked Ordinary Letter, to improve the quality of ordinary letter. The new service, which is currently in pilot stage, is to supplement the ordinary letter service by addressing concerns of loss and delivery notification issue. It is also meaningful in that it expanded customer choice from the existing two products, ordinary & registered letters, to three products.

Under this new service, letters are handled in the same manner with registered mail during the stages before delivery. And in the delivery stage, they are treated as ordinary mail to complete delivery by inserting them in a post box, etc.—not a face-to-face delivery as for registered mail. Loss or damage for those items before delivery will be covered up to 50,000 Korean won (KRW).

The new supplementary service is available at all post offices across Korea, for under-100g letters at a single rate of 1,000 KRW per item. If the sender provides his/her contact number or e-mail address at the time of postage, they can be notified of completing delivery.

In addition, the sender can also track the item status via Korea Post website ( with the item number given in the proof of postage.

Benefits of the new service

For the customers who want to check whether their letters with ordinary mail service have been well received by the addressees can use this service as they are able to track the item status and be notified of delivery, which is of comfort and convenience. Types of letters that may benefit from this service vary, including wedding invitation, letter of appreciation, congratulations & condolence cards, event invitation, coupon book for VIP customers, gathering notice, advertising material with small gift, etc.

Source: Korea Post, provided by Michelle.

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