APP Office

IMG 2439 Mr Gary Carroll
Managing Director of APP Office

Gary is a postal veteran with over 34 years experience, working across operational and commercial development. Gary had spent 28 years with Royal Mail in various international roles and 6 years with Jersey Post, as the Commercial Director. He has recently been providing Consultancy Services to postal administrations, e-commerce business, private postal operators and logistics organisations. During his 34 years, Gary has worked with many large e-commerce business to assist growth, service levels and driving customer demand. Gary joins the APP Office as the Managing Director on the 2nd December 2016 and will take up responsibility for the day to day running of the office and its project work


Mohammed Said Haryadi
Head of Business Development

Said Haryadi has just joined APP since June 2018.

He is responsible for undertaking market and industrial analysis and organizing a number of business initiatives among the members to improve commercial performance. 

Said works mostly facilitating the members to strengthen the postal network and to keep the Post relevant to the market needs and preferences.


Mr Li-Chung Huang
Head of Operations

Li-Chung Huang has been working with the Post for 15 years in RSCAP and APP, supporting both entities to assist postal operators within Asia Pacific by providing consultancy services to members to enhance their postal operations, quality of service and implementation of track and trace systems. At the APP Office, Mr Huang is responsible of conducting operations audit for beneficiary members. The objective of which is to examine the efficiency and administrative effectiveness of processes members use to process, screen and sort incoming and outgoing international mail.

  • Postal address

    Geylang Post Office PO Box 78
    Singapore 913803

  • Street address

    447 Geylang Road #02-00 Geylang Post Office Building
    Singapore 389406