APP Cooperative Management Board

Board Members

The APP Cooperative Management Board (CMB) is the structure designated to supervise the activities of the APP Cooperative. The CMB, which meets at least twice a year, define strategies related to the APP Cooperative activities based on the needs and requirements of the members, formulate business plans and priorities aiming at implementing these strategies in accordance with the interest of the members of the Cooperative, supervise the overall activities of the Cooperative and evaluate the results of these activities, formulate funding plans and manage the use of budget in order to facilitate the Cooperative activities and projects, appoint (from the candidates recommended by postal administrations) and reappoint and dismiss staff of the Office of the APP Cooperative, without the need to consult all members of the Cooperative.

APP CMB members:
1. Australia Post
2. China Post
3. Hongkong Post
4. Japan Post
5. Korea Post
6. Pos Malaysia
7. SingPost

  • Postal address

    Geylang Post Office PO Box 78
    Singapore 913803

  • Street address

    447 Geylang Road #02-00 Geylang Post Office Building
    Singapore 389406