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Jasmine White
  • Singles Day Phenomenon

    As you would expect at this time of year the phenomenon which is “Singles Day” will dominate news stories. Alibaba’s ONE DAY sales hit $25.4 billion, up 39% on the
  • China’s deliverymen face robot revolution as parcel demand soars

    Chinese e-commerce titan Inc. delivered its first robot express package to China’s prestigious Renmin University in June 2018. An unmanned white microvan maneuvered around the college campus in Beijing,
  • Alibaba reports 61% revenue jump

    Based on the data provided at “Alibaba Group Announces September Quarter 2017 Results”, I have charted Alibaba’s segment revenue, profit and cost. At a glance, we can see that the
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Latest APP Report

  • APP Report 1st Quarter 2017

    19 Nov 2017

    This issue features exclusively on the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or called Drones. Drones are known not just in recent years. We have long been viewing drones flying in some sci-fi movies carrying some surreal missions, or in reality remote-controlled as toys by young people. We have long been advised to be watchful with these autonomous flying machines since they could be some “next thing” in the delivery service. Now


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